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CERTUSS E: Strong performance in two versions

CERTUSS electric steam generators are compact, powerful and economical. In Germany, electric versions do not require approval for installation and operation.

Technical data ...

Steam generation with modulating output control
  • Easy-to-service compact device, easy to operate
  • Direct front access to all parts for easy maintenance
  • Fully electronic pressure and output control, immediate load adjustment
  • Function and malfunction indications can be linked to central control system / building services control system provided by customer
  • Low space requirement, reduced and robust heavy-duty model in elegant design
  • Fully automatic operation by means of time control or remote pulse (with supplementary equipment)
  • Automatic blow down (optional), automatic desalination (optional)

CERTUSS presented its new "Elektro" steam generator of the series E 6 - 72 M in a new, elegant and user-friendly design for the first time on the Brau Beviale 2010 in Nuremberg. The technical highlight is the steam generation using the modulating output control (M).

This controls the output of the heating elements steplessly through semiconductor contactors, thus ensuring constant steam pressure under an even load of the power supply. This is a great advantage for the customers since this technology allows a symmetrical network load without consumption peaks to be reached. The respective pressure operating range can be preset steplessly from 3.5 to 11 bars - depending on the equipment and requirements. The E 6 - 72 M steam generators are supplied as a complete, ready-to-operate unit with built-in feed water tank and feed water pump as well as all the safety devices for pressure and temperature in the output range of 8 to 97 kg steam per hour. The operator only has to connect the discharge and supply lines.

Thanks to their modular structure the steam generators can easily be extended to battery systems and are thus ideally suited to small and medium-sized companies in a wide range of industrial branches. Installation is also possible in working areas. If desired, the housing can be realized completely in stainless steel. Generation of pure steam is possible by the optional realization of all the steam generator parts coming into contact with water and steam in stainless steel. 

In the context of the InnoCERT 2010 innovation program CERTUSS has been working under high pressure on the further development of gas- and oil-fired steam generators. The recently developed CERTECON exhaust gas heat exchangers and desalination heat exchangers are a further step towards increasing the efficiency and, in addition to reducing costs at the customer, furthermore contribute toward protecting the environment.


The large unit: E 100

  • Fully electronic pressure and performance regulation
  • Compact stainless steel heating rod with low heating surface load, placed laterally on the pressure body for easy access
  • Uniformly distributed electricity network load without demand peaks
  • Integrated multifunction display
  • Multilingual clear text indication
  •  Technical data ...


    E 6 - 72 M

    E 100



    Steam capacity kg/h

    8 - 97

    135 / 160

    Heat capacity kW

    6 - 72

    100 / 120

    Height mm



    Width mm



    Depth mm




    Stainless steel version

    CERTUSS E - all the advantages of CERTUSS technology
    • Minimum space requirements due to vertical construction (all CERTUSS steam generators)
    • Installation in workspaces is permitted
    • Fits through all standard doors
    • Only a few minutes heat-up time
    • Immediate load adjustment
    • Fully automatic operation with integrated time switch or via remote impulse (with additional equipment)
    • Electric heating rods made of stainless steel
    • Stainless steel version of all boiler parts in contact with water and steam for pure steam generation possible